Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OT and Speech Eval today

Joey had another great day at OT. They worked on increasing upper body strength by doing wheel barrow exercises and climbing. Joey tried everything. On one thing that he was scared to climb around, the therapist assured him he didn't have to go through it and he was ok. He always afraid of losing his balance which goes back to his vestibular issues.

Then, we were off to Fry's for our normal Tuesday morning killing time routine. Joey didn't help me scan and bag items today but he was on his best behavior. On the way out, we ran square into the Monsters vs. Aliens DVD display. He is been waiting for months for this to come out on DVD. How could I say no to him?

After Joey got off the bus and we had some relaxing time (and movie time), Vanessa (from Horizon Pediatric - same place he goes for OT) showed up at our house to do a speech evaluation. We have been back on the wait list for speech since May but now that Joey has been approved for DDD and they require a formal speech evaluation, I figured let's at least get this out of the way.

She performed some tests similar to the ADOS and evaluation tests they do at Melmed. She also asked him to make several different sounds and simply monitored his play. She said that he is doing great and very age appropriate in his speech. She also said that he does not show spectrum-like tendencies. All of this was great news. She is still going to recommend speech therapy because the extra help couldn't hurt but she did say that he is ready for community preschool.

Overall, it was a fantastic day!

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