Monday, July 4, 2011

"The staring made me break the rocket."

On Saturday morning (7/2), Joey asked me if he could play with his Lego rocket. You know, the one he got for his 6th birthday that was $100 and for children 16+? Yeah, that one. The one that Bryan rebuilt as soon as he came back from WA, taped closed and put on a shelf, never to be played with again.

We had promised Joey he could play with it if he was super duper careful. He was so cute when he asked that I knew I couldn't say no. And then he said something really bizarre.

Joey said: "The staring made me break the rocket."
Me: "You know you stare?"
Joey: "Yeah, sometimes. It feels like I'm in outer space."
Me: "It does?"
Joey: "There's like a door that brings me back to the real world. There's a lot of things in outer space that I play with, like first things, like my green (Lego) airplane."
Me: "You're staring is called Epilepsy."
Joey: "Yeah. I know. I heard you say it on the phone before."
Me: "That's why you take medicine."
Joey: "Well, it doesn't work."
Me: "You stil stare/"
Joey: "Like 2 times."
Me: "A day?"
Joey: "No. 1 time."
Me: "Everyday?"
Joey: "Yeah."

I was stunned. Not sure what to think. He is so smart, that's for sure. Maybe now he can give me insight as to what happens, when he has them, and how he feels.