Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daddy's Return

Joey's father returned on Friday night. I use the word "father" loosely as my ex really doesn't care about being one. It is now Sunday morning and I am already truly disgusted about how my ex has acted and it's effect on my son.

Ben walks in the door Friday night and Joey runs into his arms. His first words? "I love your face, Daddy." He is overjoyed that his father has returned home from being gone for 5 and a half months. Ben sleeps over and they enjoy the day together Saturday, which included a movie with me as well.

Come Saturday evening, Ben asks "how long do you need me here?" I guess after getting a taste of his girlfriend earlier, he can't wait to go back for more and "parenting" (I use that term loosely too) has taken a backseat. I told him that Joey hears and absorbs everything and that you should never say that in front of him. But this is coming from a man who told me earlier that it was my new husband's job to provide Joey with a good life.

I told Ben he was free to go anytime. He had already told me that he was staying at his girlfriend's house overnight because it would be easier to get to the stadium in the morning. How I asked, since I live 5 minutes from the stadium. He never answered...even after I asked that question a few times. I had told him earlier that he couldn't stay for the week until his apartment was ready. Not only had he never asked if he could stay with us, but I felt it would be bad for Joey, as he might get used to seeing Daddy everyday. Of course, Ben uses this as an easy way out and says "it's better for Joey if I leave tonight and stay at Shannon's." No, it's just better for your dick which is all you think about.

When my husband and I returned home from our date, I was very sick from the sushi so I didn't talk to Ben before he left. Joey was asleep. When Joey and I woke up this morning, he said "Mama, where's Daddy?" I told Joey that he's at work and it was at that point that Joey decided he would have nothing to do with me for the rest of the day.

I called Ben to tell him and he said "oh, that's because I told him he could come to work with me today." What!!?? I asked why I didn't know this and he said it was because I was too busy being sick last night so he couldn't tell me. Um...why couldn't he have texted me that?? I told him that maybe he should take Joey for the week and he said ok and then said "well...would I just drop him off in the morning? Wait...I have no place to stay." I told him to "get a hotel room and figure it out" and then I hung up.

I am truly disgusted. It didn't take Ben long to disappoint all of us. Sometimes I think he doesn't know better, especially when he truly acts like he might have Asperger's, but then I see through the facade. I can tell by the nasty looks he gives and the jokes he makes that he is well aware of the scumbag he really is.

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