Thursday, October 1, 2009

2nd T-Ball Practice

Today's practice started off good. Bryan got home from work early so we all went as a family. When Joey got there, he wanted to wait for Daddy but I advised him that Daddy would be coming in a little bit. I did this on purpose because my ex can't make it to every game so I wanted Joey to get used to being there without him.

Joey then ran to the group of kids and said "wait for me!" He was so cute!

They warmed up and ran the bases. Then they stretched a little bit. My baby was so cute!

I helped out in the outfield as my little man took 2nd base. He was doing so great! He wanted to get every ball and he did...until a little girl grabbed the ball before him. That was it! He threw his mitt down and was done playing. Bryan even said that when he and my ex, Ben, were watching from the sidelines, Ben said "I hope that little girl doesn't get the ball before Joey." We all knew what would happen next.

Well, for the next half hour, me, Bryan and Ben were on the field more than Joey. He finally went back out but did not want to play. At least he ended up back out there. I know he doesn't have to do it but I want him to. I want him to play the game and be integrated with typical children. I want him to learn team work and competition and following rules from an early age. I want him to at least try and not give up. Letting him give up now is setting the precedent that he can quit anything just because he wants to. That would be a disservice to him throughout his life.

I'm glad that even though the coach interrupted our "extinction" attempt (ignoring his outburst), she came over at the end of the game, had Joey give her a high 5 and told him that the team needed him in the game on Saturday. That was great.

We'll see how Saturday goes!

On a side note, Joey does get his interests and skills from both of his parents. Last night, he walked and dance backwards, stating "they call this the Moon Walk, Mama. Boom Boom Pow." The student has become the master! Ha ha! I love watching Joey dance. He really gets into it:)

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