Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A day of firsts

Today was a day of firsts for Joey. He rode home on the bus for the first time this school year. He used to take the bus for 2 years, to and from preschool, returning to the onsite daycare at my job. He stopped in April of this year when I stopped working.

The teacher reminded him when I dropped him off that he would be taking the bus home. He was fine with it (or he was just ignoring his teacher). Either way, he loved it! Being the only one that doens't take the bus home, his teacher felt that it would help him fit in more with his peers and not feel left out. Of course, I couldn't find the video camera in time (the bus was early) but I did take lots of pictures!

After a little relaxation time, we headed to a marital arts academy for their Lil' Dragons class. He didn't like the yelling but sat and watched the class. We will try again.

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