Friday, September 25, 2009

Maybe I should just say "it's been a great week!"

This week has been a great week and it was capped off by another great day on Thursday (9/24). I took Joey for his karate evaluation after school. He wasn't a fan of watching the class but I figured I would try him in a one on one scenario. It didn't work, but I give him a lot of credit for going in there, voicing his opinion and then agreeing to watch the class for a few minutes (hey, they had numchucks - who doesn't like that?).

After that, we headed to the "eating store" to pick up some groceries and then headed to his 1st T-ball practice. Joey was hesitant and automatically wondered where his Daddy was. His Daddy works in baseball and is a baseball fan so he introduced Joey to baseball at a young age (he showed him a baseball the night he was born). I assured him his Daddy would be coming. I purposely had him arrive a little late so that Joey would join the team instead of just wanting to play with Daddy on the slide. He went over to the team and sat in a circle with the other boys and 1 girl. He said his name when asked and told them his favorite food was Lunchables (the other kids mostly said cookies).

Then, they warmed up by doing stretches and jogging around the field. After that, they broke in to 3 teams and then rotated between them. First up was one on one catching. Then, they practiced catching in the outfield. After that, they took turns at bat. Unfortunately, by that time, it was getting dark so I wasn't able to get good video or pictures.

Overall, the practice was a success.

On Friday (9/25), we had our 2nd of 4 sessions with SARRC for Hab-M/ABA. It was tough because I showed a lot of tough love, holding strong to what I say and the consequences for Joey's actions. The most important thing I wanted to work on was playing catch. The 1st time, he didn't want to catch at all; he just wanted to hit the ball with his fist. The 2nd time we went out there, he did say that he couldn't catch the ball but he still tried. I wasn't sure if it was frustration from the day or because he really was having trouble. I don't want Joey to get frustrated so early on.

All in all, it was a great week. Many mini milestones were reached. I'm so proud of my Joey. We capped off the week with a 2nd showing of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs...this time in 3D!

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