Wednesday, September 2, 2009

His poor little belly

I took Joey to see Dr. Ursea at Phoenix Children's Hospital this past Monday. I soon found out there is a reason it is so hard to see her: she is the best! I have heard about through the Autism community and I have been told by other doctors that she is the best pediatric gastroenterologist in the Valley. She was so worth the wait!

Dr. Ursea was very thorough and asked a lot of questions. Her demeanor was wonderful with Joey. She knew he was scared and understood that he has sensory issues. She even skipped the rectal exam because she didn't want to put him through more discomfort and stress.

She told me that he probably didn't have allergies but it's best to test for them anyway so we will have bloodwork done. She also advised me that she will have a feeding specialist perform an evaluation and also have a nutritionist call me to discuss any concerns with his diet. She ordered an X-Ray and we had it done there right away. The tech was so good with Joey and helped to comfort him. She even showed him pictures of his insides on the computer screen. He loved it!

I was told to call back two days later so that is exactly what I did today. They were so quick to return my call. The nurse even said that she couldn't get in with Dr. Ursea to discuss the results but wanted to call me right away. Joey's colon is dialated into his abdomen. The course of action is 2 capfuls of Miralax in 16oz of clear liquid twice a day until we get chicken broth-like consistency. We need to get this working within days or they will admit him by Monday (Labor Day) and put a tube down his throat! Hasn't this poor little man been through enough.

We are starting Operation Poop Out tomorrow morning!

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Anon said...


I came across your blog when I was searching for 'A Dose of Controversy'. I missed it and wanted to watch it online.

What caught my eye was how long Joey had until he turned 5 - it seemed terribly close to when my little girl was turning 5. When I looked at your archives, I was right - they are only a day apart, and both, unfortunately diagnosed with the same condition.

It just made me sad, that's all.