Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Belly explosion

9/9/09 ~ Wednesday ~ Day 7 of Operation Poop Out.

I brought Joey to my parents after school. He had a diaper on, waiting for the explosion, because he has yet to poop on the potty. I changed his diaper and ran to CVS to pick up his prescriptions. I called my parents after about 10 minutes of being gone to check on Joey and let them know that I was still waiting. They said he was ok and had not pooped. I returned to their home about 10-15 minutes later and my Dad answered the door. He told me Joey had an explosion and was in the tub. How did that happend while I was away for such a short time?

Before I had left for CVS, I had received a return call from Dr. Ursea's assistant. She told me that the doc wanted to admit Joey. I begged for another X-ray before we admitted him. He had had some big movements. It would have been such a traumatic experience for him, especially with him having to go to the hospital the following week. Plus, last time we had to do this, it took about a week for it to work. I needed more time. Apparently, so did Joey!

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