Friday, September 25, 2009

What a great day!

Wednesday (9/23) was a milestone on many levels!

I picked Joey up from school instead of having him take the bus because I wanted to get an earlier start at the hairdresser's so we could get to Neema and Grandpa's faster. The teacher greeted me with some exciting news: both Ms. Martin and Jennie, the speech therapist, feel that Joey has far surpassed his peers cognitively and is ready for community preschool (I felt he was ready in August but being at a new school, they needed time to evaluate him). This is an amazing milestone! I got teary-eyed as we walked to the car. My little man has grown leaps and bounds in the last year. It reminds me that everything does happen for a reason and I'm glad I have been able to be home with him to get him the services he needs. Unfortunately, on this day, I got a call from a possible new employer and an email from an old employer so it was a wake up call that my being home may come to an end.

Then, we headed to Cool Cuts for Kids. Joey hates getting his haircut. As usual, I told the girl "no trimmer and no buzzer." He sat better than he ever did so she asked me if she could try the trimmer. Joey was scared but she showed him that it was harmless by letting him feel it. He giggled and said it tickled. He let her clean up his neck and even around his ears!!! What a huge step for Joey!!

We then headed to Target because I promised him a trip to the "red store" to get Pop the Pig. I reminded him we had to leave quickly and he didn't fight me to stay and look at every toy. This is definitley a first!

Later on, at my parents' house, Joey cut his wrist while building a Lego. He actually showed it to me and asked for ice and then a band aid. He usually just runs and hides. Of course, later after his bath, he wanted long pajamas on so that no one could see his "owie."

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