Monday, August 24, 2009

Two articles from The Autism News

First article is about vision screening for Autistic children.

I love this quote from the article: "Often children with autism have to be sedated in order to go into a doctor’s office to have an eye exam — they don’t like being touched and they don’t like having their personal space invaded,' said Debbie McKinney, mother of Christopher, age 5, who is autistic."

I wish every doctor and dentist understood this!!!!!

Second article is epilepsy and it's link to brain development and Autism. Joey's seizures come from the parietal lobe but they are still complex partial seizures so the article has some helpful information to me (the article focuses on the temporal lobe).

Important quote from the article: “These partial seizures can have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life. Because patients can be disoriented and excessively tired following a seizure event, their day-to-day lives can sometimes be seriously disrupted. And when it comes to driving and other activities, there is still a real danger associated with this condition,' notes Anderson."

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