Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A mighty heart

We originally had Joey's appointment with a pediatric cardiologist scheduled for next week but they had a cancellation last minute and we took it! Bright and early yesterday (8/4), we took a ride to Scottsdale to see Dr. Marcus. His office is right across the street from Joey's neurologist.

The doc did the typical stuff: asked why we were here and then asked a bunch of medical questions. Then, they surprised me by doing both the EKG and Echocardiogram right away. The Echo was 1st. Joey was already shaking when he got into the office and by then, he was terrified. They made some notes and pointed to the screen a few times. The 6 lead EKG was next. They only did 6 and not the requested 12 from the hospital because the doc and his assistant felt they could get the same information with 6 and 12 would be uncomfortable for Joey. By this time, I was on the verge of tears. Especially when saying things like "I don't want to stay still" and "I don't want Bryan to hold me." Bryan wasn't there but I think he was thinking back to the EEG, another scary experience.

The doc left the room while the assistant cleaned up. Once again, like in the EEG, Joey didn't want to pull the sticky things off his chest. The doctor came in and gave me the greatest news I had heard in a long time: Joey's heart was perfect!!

I should have known when Joey asked me in the car today "where are we going" that he was scared we were going to another doctor's appointment. I'm glad we weren't and hope that it will be a week or two before we have to go to another one. Next up, the MRI for his brain.

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