Monday, August 3, 2009

Neuro appointment today

Joey and I went to see his neuro today. We were told he has parietal lobe epilepsy on the right side. It can affect speech, thought process, etc. We will know more after the MRI, which should be in a few weeks at Phoenix Children's Hospital. He will need to be sedated for this. If it is normal and there are no signs of contusion, scar tissue or brain damage from his fall 3 years ago, then there is hope that he will grow out of it. If there are signs of what I mentioned, he will never grow out of them. He needs to take Depakote 3x per day and hopefully that will improve more things than just minimizing the seizures. We may see improvement in all areas of behavior and functioning.

I also made appointments with his cardiologist and gastroenterologist. Busy day! And here I thought this week would be uneventful.

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