Saturday, August 22, 2009

"I want to get a cookie at Daddy's house"

As I stated in the previous post, Joey and I went swimming at my friend Anna's pool last Sunday. She lives in the apartment complex next to my ex's apartment complex. After we got out of the pool, Joey said he wanted to go get a cookie at Daddy's house. I didn't really think anything of it...I thought it was kind of random. When I mentioned it to my ex a few days later, he laughed and said that was how he would get Joey out of the pool at his apartment complex. He would promise him a cookie and then they would walk into the clubhouse and Joey would pick up 3 or 4. This became their ritual: Daddy figured it was a surefire way to get him out of the pool and Joey just expected a cookie after he was done with swimming. I often smile at some of the cute rituals Joey has.

I am just so amazed lately at what he is remembering and that he is able to remember at all. On Tuesday, we were looking at pool toys and rafts at Target when Joey turned to me and said "remember the pool with the slide." Holy crap! He remembers an inflatable pool that we had up for 3 days last summer at our old house. I can't believe that would be important enough for him to remember. I have noticed a lot lately that he has really been thinking out his answers and surprising me with what he says. I just love my little munchkin!

Today, Joey and I were filling out a Dr. Seuss book all about him. When it came to the page that asks what kind of climate we live in, he put his finger to his head to think, pointed to the house with snow on it and said, "that's Grandpa's house." The last 2 times that Joey went to visit my ex-in-laws, they had snow on the Oregon coast. They never get snow! Anyway, he went on to say "Daddy goes there to see Grandpa and Grandma. They're my other Grandpa and Grandma." I couldn't believe it. He wouldn't say that kind of thing on his own but seeing a picture prompted a memory.

I need to make up some books of Joey of his family members so that he can keep those memories alive. I think it's important for our kids with Autism to have reminders. I know social stories help him so I think some little photo albums of special trips and special people will be good for him. I made him a photo album of pictures of each of his Lego sets. Did it take a lot of time? Yes! Do people make snide remarks that I have too much time on my hands? Absolutely! But he loves that book and will tell me stories about each picture and each set. Prompting all that conversation is Priceless!!!

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