Monday, January 12, 2009

GF/CF fast food options

It's not always easy to follow a meal plan when you are always on the run. Here is some information from Talk About Curing Autism. It lists the food that is available at your local fast food joints if you are following the GF/CF diet.

Here's the link:

Arby’s plain roast beef – no sauce/no bun
Burger King
Burger patties (no bun)
French Fries (Note: each individual Burger King has their own process of deep frying. It is best to make sure a separate fryer is used for cooking french fries.)
Waffle Potato Fries (Note: Confirm Ingredients they may vary in some restaurants; also verify with restaurant manager that individual deep fryer is used.)
El Pollo Loco (good healthy choice!)
Whole Chicken on the bone
Tomato-Based Salsas
Pinto Beans
In-n-Out Burger
Protein Burger (no bun, no sauces, no cheese) just meat, tomatoe and lettuce. WATCH for cross contamination here! Buns and cheese can occupy the same space as your plain hamburger. Ask the manager for assistance.
French fries
The following information must be verified by individual McDonald's Restaurants:
Apple Juice
Peppered Bacon / Bacon Bits
Beef Patties: regular and Quarter-Pounder NO BUN NO CHEESESauces ONLY or Honey, or Hot Mustard
French Fries – as of January 2006 – ARE NO LONGER GFCF!
Hash Browns (verify separate fryers are used)
Scrambled eggs – no biscuit / no cheese
Salad no croutons
Condiments and such:
Hot Cake Syrup
Orange Juice
Picante Sauce
Tartar Sauce

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