Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting started on the GF/CF diet

I'm sure you can tell by the amount of my posts dedicated to the subject that my mind is on starting the gluten-free/casein-free diet. Talk About Curing Autism has great information about how to get started. Here's the link:

Since one of the reasons I put this blog together is to put all the information I gather into one place for myself, I decided to paste the highlighted steps of how to get started here.

Week 1-2: Remove all milk-based products. This would include milk, butter, whey, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, Pediasure, milk-based formulas, and all sub-ingredients. To replace milk, use rice, almond or potato milk.

Week 3: Find five GFCF foods that your child will eat for breakfast and serve it. Some suggestions they offer that Joey might like are frozen GFCF Waffles and real maple syrup; bacon and eggs (check for a GFCF brand of bacon) and GFCF hash browns like Cascadian Farms brand or homemade; GFCF Envirokidz cereals with rice, potato or almond milk; GFCF pancakes made from a mix, serve with real maple syrup; and GFCF French Toast made from a GFCF bread.

Week 4: Find five GFCF foods your child will eat for lunch and serve it, maintaining the choices for breakfast. GFCF Hotdog (no bun)- we use Best Kosher, Hebrew National Reduced Fat, Shelton's Chicken or Turkey Hotdogs too; Fritos (yes, they are GFCF); Lays Potato Chips; Cascadian Farms French Fries with Heinz Ketchup (I use Westbrae fruit sweetened ketchup too); Boar's Head, Applegate or Shelton's Lunch Meats; Tostitos Tortilla Chips; Fresh Fruit; and Whole Foods Market Chicken Taquitos (The 365 brand). Most juice boxes are ok too.

Week 5: Find five foods your child will eat for dinner and serve it, maintaining your choices for breakfast and lunch.

Week 6: Replace all snack items with GFCF.

Week 7: Replace all soaps, shampoos, lotions, sunscreens, toothpaste and laundry detergent and over the counter medication with GFCF.

Week 8: Replace all classroom contaminants.

Week 9: Begin making GFCF goodies from mixes.

Week 10: Now move to making a GFCF meal from scratch.

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