Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pump It Up Family Night

We had our first social gathering with the local chapter of the ASA (Autism Society of America) at the "Inflatable Party Zone" otherwise known as Pump It Up ( The kids get to jump around in big inflatable castles and go down inflatable slides while parents get to relax and chat.

For me, being new to the world of Autism, it was a little overwhelming. I received a wealth of information but felt like such a novice because I didn't know about some of the things they were talking about. It was frustrating. One of the main points from the evening that left me the most bewildered is that since Joey didn't get the Autism diagnosis, he won't get any help from the State of Arizona (which I already knew) but that leaves him out in the cold from getting so many services and therapies.

I meet again with the behavioral pediatrician on October 9th. I will see if she can guide down a more structured path of treatment for my precious little boy.

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