Monday, October 20, 2008

Thursday was a great day

October 16, 2008

Today was a breakthrough day for Joey and a great day all around. It started out with Joey's IEP (Individual Education Plan) and parent/teacher conference at pre-school. I was happy to hear that he is doing great! He is the snack helper (following in his Mom's footsteps, who always wanted to know what everyone was having for snack in Kindergarten); he is calling his peers and teachers by name; he is participating in class and making great progress in speech. The school psycholgist also feels that he is not in need of individual occupational therapy, which gave me some reassurance.

After the meeting, he wanted to visit with his father for a while. I am usually all for this; however, he is usually moody after seeing his father and I was worried how this would affect his speech therapy session at home later on that day. His dad dropped him off after lunch, said that he was in a bad mood, which had me worried but it ended up being the first appointment with Rosie that he actually opened up and cooperated. He was in a great mood and talked to Rosie the whole time. I have a feeling he was just agitated with his dad.

We went on to enjoy the day together, just me and my Joe. I really felt like it was the turning of a new chapter in Joey's progress and it helped to take away some of the overwhelming concerns that I've been having about him and the diagnosis he received.

I think we can do this!

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