Monday, October 13, 2008

Interesting McCain News

Here's an article I found about Jenny McCarthy wanting to meet with Presidential hopeful John McCain. I also posted a comment under it that I found interesting.

Here's the link:

John McCain bails on meeting with Jenny McCarthy
by Jennifer Jordan Oct 2nd 2008 2:03PM
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Presidential nominee John McCain allegedly had a date set with actress Jenny McCarthy. The topic of their discussion? Not love but, rather autism, and specifically the link between the condition and the use of thimerosal in the vaccines McCarthy believes cause autism.

McCarthy was eager to meet with McCain after learning he believes there may be a link as well, and apparently flew herself out for a meeting with the Republican senator to try to make autism a major part of the presidential campaign.

According to reports, however, McCain backed out after his flack decided the subject matter was too controversial. Right, like presidential nominees should avoid discussing anything controversial! If they did all they'd end up doing at debates was drinking Yoohoos! Although not attributed anywhere, the post on IMDB claims McCain also bailed after learning there is no hard evidence linking vaccines with thimerosal and autism. Either way, McCain declined to meet with the former Playboy centerfold (huge mistake, dude!) and McCarthy has now set her sites on meeting with Senator Obama.

If there is no link to thimersal and Autism in vaccines, then why did Republicans sneak a midnight hour provision into the homeland security bill of 2001 protecting all vaccine manufacturers from class action law suits? Things that make you go HMMMM....

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