Sunday, January 13, 2013

Will you play with me?

It was 27 degrees out yesterday and that was the morning Joey decides he'd like to play soccer in the backyard with me. I asked my AZ child if he realized how cold it was outside. He put his hood up and said, "No sweat, Boba Fett."

My son is an only child and I have long realized that I am his favorite and most constant playmate. I always try to make myself available to play with him, no matter how big my To Do list is. Lately, he seems to be asking for more of my attention and more playtime.

On Thursday, I made a list of activities for his new habilitator. I would like them to work on transitioning from a preferred activity to a non-preferred activity. One of them was kicking the soccer ball outside. He loved it! It was almost like I needed to show him he can play sports with someone other than Daddy.

Yesterday, we played a total of 3 times before the sun went down, lasting at least 30 minutes each time. We had a great time. In the beginning, he told me I was 50% the athelete his Daddy is. As the day progressed, he told me my "number was going up" and I was at 80%. His number? 120%.

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