Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best Report Card EVER

Yesterday, I received the best report card ever for Joey. I am so proud of him that I was almost in tears! I was with my Mom at the time and I think she got misty too!

Here's the lowdown:
P = High level of performance
I = Making steady and sufficient progress
N = Needs more time/practice/support

                                               1st quarter                      2nd quarter
Listening                                       N                                     P!!!
Speaking                                       N                                     I
Spelling                                        N                                     N
Writing                                         I                                       I
Reading                                        N                                     N
Math                                             I                                       P
Social Studies                               I                                       I
Science                                         I                                       P
Study/Social Skills                       I                                       P
Music                                                                                   P
Art                                                                                        P
PE                                                                                         P

He improved in completing assignments on time, exhibiting self control, and increasing dependability (all under study/social skills) and reads with understanding (reading). He also got a + for areas of strength in comprehending oral directions and messages read orally (both under listening). I am just amazed. He truly is amazing!!!

I am so beyond proud of Joey's report card. He got his standard P's in his specials (P=high level of performance), but he also got a P in math, science, study/social skills, and....wait for it...listening. His areas of strength were comprehending oral directions and messages read orally. This is truly amazing for my little dude. Back in October, his ped at Melmed wanted him on Focalin 5 for attention and compared his processing to that of a stroke victim. I refused to medicate him. His report validates my belief that medication isn't always the answer!

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