Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tough questions

On the way into school yesterday, Joey asked me why he takes his "silver medication" (Keppra for his Epilepsy). I said, "You remember hearing me say you have Epilepsy, right?" He said, "Yes, but what does that mean?" I told him that it means that sometimes his brain hiccups. He said, "Ok."

Later that night, he asked, "Ben Daddy was your first husband. Why did you marry Ben Daddy and then Bryan?" Completely thrown for a loop, I said, "I was married to your Daddy because I loved him and then I married Bryan." He said, "But whyyyy did you marry Daddy and then Bryan?" I said, "You know sometimes people realize they are better as friends but that's ok because we had to come together to make you." I squeezed him tight and as he went to walk away after our hug, he turned to me and said "I. Have. No. Words." I said, "Why did you say that?" feeling panicky. He said, "I don't know; I hear you say it all the time."

I need to come up with better responses. Before you know it, I will be dodging the puberty curveball questions.

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