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James Durbin - a positive role model for the world of Autism

I love James Durbin. He is a great role model for the Autism community and an inspiration to all kids, whether they have a disability or not.

Durbin’s ‘Idol’ Success Giving Parents Of Kids With Autism Hope
April 8th, 2011

The Autism News

By FOXReno

SAN FRANCISCO — On Thursday night, American Idol fans watched Santa Cruz contestant James Durbin advance to the next round on the competitive reality show.

Durbin has Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism. His success on the show has provided inspiration to families with children who have autism.

Children’s laughter filled the air inside Pump It Up, a play facility filled with inflatable bounce houses in San Francisco. The playhouse was free Thursday for families with autistic children.

Emily Hanna’s five-year-old son Christian was diagnosed with autism at age three. Christian spent his time at Pump It Up running, jumping and dunking.

Angela Vallecillo brought two of her children: toddler daughter Samiah and her son Zion.

“The baby has PDD — pervasive development delay — which is which is on the autism spectrum,” explained Vallecillo. “He’s also being looked at by a psychiatrist because he has issues with eye contact.

“While every family has their own story– everyone can agree on the importance of an early diagnosis.

“Subtle things: lack of eye contact, social skills, not wanting to be touched,” said Angela Vallecillo when describing the early symptoms. “Repetitive behaviors.

“Families agreed early treatment is key.

“He’s doing much better, he’s more open and social. I’ve seen a big difference,” said Hanna.

Seeing someone with James Durbin’s talent has helped prove of what these children can achieve.

“I’ve seen one end of the spectrum like the gentleman on American Idol who shows how far they can go,” said Hanna.

“It shows that they can achieve anything they want to achieve and be anything they want to be,” said Vallecillo. I” hope one day she’ll grow up and do something big.”


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