Saturday, April 9, 2011

2 parents, 1 child

I have been hearing a lot of stories of parents who are divorced but are still attempting to raise a child together, fighting and letting petty nonsense get in the way. My best friend, Patrick, and my ex's girlfriend, come to mind. These 2 people have constant issues with their ex and it always seems like the other parent causes so much stress. I don't get how people can't get over past hurt and move on for the sake of their child/children?

As much as my ex gets under my skin or doesn't live up to the parent I wish he would be, time makes it easier to understand that he is doing the best he can. I love my son enough to know that I need to have a positive relationship for him. I question parents who don't feel the same. Don't you love your children enough to even try to be civil?

I remind myself and others that once upon a time, I loved my son's father enough to create my son. That has to mean something.

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