Saturday, January 22, 2011

I don't mean to complain but...

...this keeps getting better and better.

Joey's dad asked if I needed anything after he got done with a soccer tournament. He acted sad that he wasn't going to see Joey this weekend. I am watching my nephews and asked him if he wanted to pick up Joey's favorite beef skewers and come by to see Joey. He willingly showed up and then when Joey asked him to play a game, he said he had to go. Ends up he needed to go babysit his daughter so his girlfriend could have a night out with her friends. I'm all for couples going out and Moms getting breaks....but when a woman only sees her kid 2 weeks a month (if that) and complains that her boyfriend was gone for 9 months, should she really be going out on the town and leaving them behind. It's none of my business but after my pleas for a break 2 nights ago to Joey's dad go without acknowledgment, I have to laugh. If I don't laugh, I'll cry.

Ok, enough about the ex. I will try not to post about it so much.

Thanks for listening:) If I don't vent, I fear I may explode.

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