Monday, February 22, 2010

Feeling good about possible work opportunities

As you all know, in January, I started the MEd. program with an emphasis on Autism at ASU. I learned last week that I will be done next March and I will be able to sit for the BCBA exam then.

Last Friday, I googled the places that provided ABA for families affected by Autism in AZ. I came up with about 10 from the Autism Speaks website. The one farthest west in Phoenix was Bista at the 17 and Peoria Ave. I sent them an email inquiring about services for Joey and part time volunteer or job opportunities for me. I received an email sunday requesting my resume and a follow up call today. The woman sounded very excited to talk to me and was looking forward to talking to me again.

About an hour later, I receive a call from Ryan at Absolute HCBS who will be setting up Joey's respite and habilitation. He called to confirm that we were set to start in March but he also wanted to know more about my schooling and asked what I planned to do when I was done next spring. He told me about a person he has in Tucson who may set up ABA-based trainings and wanted to know if I would be interested in being his person in Phoenix to set up an ABA program?

Two great phone calls in 1 day!

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