Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did my son's school violate section 504?

I'm wondering...did my son's school violate section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Research it if you haven't heard of it. I'm so glad I did before my son's parent/teacher conference on Thursday because now I am going to have it written in his IEP that I must accompany him on all his field trips.

I was so excited for Joey to go on his farm trip, probably more excited than him. As soon as it came out that they needed volunteers, my name was in the bucket. I asked everyday if the 4 volunteers had been selected. I'm sure I became a little annoying. I kept being told "not yet." I voiced my concern for Joey being at the farm with no direct supervision. I was concerned because in the past, he has attempted to kick the animals. I was also concerned because he has a tendency to wander off and gets easily confused as to where he is. His teacher spoke to the other teacher, who I guess went on the trip before or who coordinated the trip, and she told me that he would have no access to the animals.

So, I continued to wait to see if my name was picked from the volunteer bucket. I was then told by the teacher that there would be no parent volunteers on the field trip. The next day, I was told that she felt bad she couldn't pick me. Two days later, on the day of the field trip, I see that all the same parents from the last trip are volunteering plus one new one, who I assume was my replacement. I should have opened my mouth then but they were all busy trying to get the kids ready for the trip.

The day before, Joey had a bad allergic reaction to something he touched...we're assuming the soil they were playing with for the first time in the classroom...and broke out in large welts all over his legs, butt and some on his face. He was better on field trip day and I didn't want to stop him from going. The teacher and aide knew what had happened. Don't you think I was annoyed to find out that he was picking vegetables!!!

I have decided to have it put in his IEP that I must accompany him on all trips and special events. Yes, I'm THAT mom! I should have opened my mouth before the trip and I will be kicking myself long after the trip is a distant memory to my son.

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