Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OT yesterday

Joey had another great OT appointment yesterday. They worked on drawing and coloring and did a Halloween craft called 5 Little Pumpkins. He did fine coloring but needed some guidance cutting and drawing. The therapist said to provide opportunities to color or draw while laying down or working on an easel because it forces him to rest his wrist instead of holding it up like he does.

Then, we did our usual Tuesday ritual of going to the "eating store" for Lunchables and then heading to school. At Fry's, Joey told me he wanted the green car wagon but I only saw the red car wagon. He was a little disappointed but then said the he was getting into the red one. The nice greeter heard him and said "I think the green car one is back." I didn't even know they had a green one! Joey was already comfy in the red one so I thought there would a meltdown from all the change but there wasn't! He hopped in the green one and off we went. Progress:)

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