Sunday, August 18, 2013

The first week (and a half) of 3rd grade

We have survived our first full week (and 2 days)!

The first day went well. We got there 24 minutes early and just in time to snag the last parking spot. New classroom, no familiar faces, and he says he doesn't remember his teacher, who is the mother of a classmate from 2nd grade / former t-ball teammate. I annoyed him with my usual pictures. He was anxious just to get into his classroom. I told him to unpack his backpack and he said "You do it." I knew he was feeling anxious so I helped him unpack and showed him how to organize his desk.

This was the first year I didn't pick him up from the first day - my dad  did - so I was anxious to find out how his first day went. When I got to my parents house to pick him up, I asked "How was your first day?" His response?  "Horrible." Why? Because he says it made summer vacation end.

The second day went better and he came home telling me that his day was "good" which was an upgrade from "horrible." But it didn't start out good. We arrived on the playground like we did everyday last year. I waited with him for the bell to ring and for him to line up with his class. But today was different. I totally forgot that it was a new year and a new grade, which meant a new line to find.

When the bell rang, I asked him if he knew where to go. He said "Yes" and ran off. As I turned to leave, he ran over to me with panic in his voice and said "I don't know where to go." We walked over and when we weren't sure, I asked Mrs. Yanez. She said her line was right in front. When I got Joey in the right line, he said, "This doesn't look like my class. I don't know anybody." I assured him it was the right class and pointed out Kayla from 1st grade. He was still visibly upset. I was so worried about him that I drove up to school between appointments in S. Phoenix to have lunch with him and make sure he was having a good day. When I got there, he introduced me to Samuel and Leland. Samuel is the boy that earlier that day, Mrs. Yanez told me Joey was playing rock, paper, scissors with on the 1st day and resulted in him having his desk moved. When she told me, I couldn't believe my ears. My son got in trouble for socializing! Music to my ears! Words I never thought I'd hear!!

The third day started without a hitch and ended with Joey and Connor walking out together and asking if they could have a play date. I had a feeling this might happen and I'm glad it did. Connor had asked the day before if they could have a play date soon and on the way to pick Joey up from school, Connor's dad had texted me about the possibility that afternoon.

Monday started the first full week of school. It also was the day he was ok with me leaving him on the playground before the bell rang! We got into the groove of daily homework and a new way of taking a spelling test. He forgot his folder on Monday and we had to run back to school. He knew I was upset and said "I'm very sorry. Is there any way I can make it up to you?" He promised he wouldn't do it again. My boy is growing up.

By Wednesday, it was time for Grandpa to pick him up again and I guess there was an issue on the first day. Well, there is always confusion on the first day, but I found out through Mrs. Yanez that he told her he was an am/pm kid and so he was there instead of at Jamba Juice. When we were trying to coordinate where Grandpa would pick him up, he was visibly frustrated. I know it was because he gets confused and is starting to feel frustrated about it. Another thing to show he is growing up. I tell myself that we can work on it. As a mom, I just never want him to feel anything other than happy.

The first full week ended with Connor coming to our house for a play date. Unfortunately, at 2:45p.m., I was called by the nurse because the teacher sent Joey to the nurse because "he smelled. He smelled yesterday but it was worse today" (that's what the nurse said the teacher said). It was a bump in the road that we've been working on and it has improved, but that incident was a reminder that we still have some work to do.

On to full week #2 and a wonderful year of growth, new friends, new experiences, and overcoming learning obstacles. I love my sweet boy!

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