Friday, May 3, 2013

Leaving the nest for a playdate

When I went to school to pick Joey up, something extraordinary happened: Joey asked me if he could go to a friend's house to play!!! This is the FIRST time ever!!! And this helicopter mom let him go. Now I have empty nest syndrome.

It was so cute. I wish I could bottle the moment and enjoy it over and over! Joey ran up to me and said, "Can I go over Connor's house to play?" I said, "Sure, maybe one day soon" and he said, "No, we want to do it now." Then Connor came over and asked if Joey could come over. I asked if it was ok with his parents and he said "I'll go ask."

Joe and I walked a little slower than Connor did to his Dad's car. I figured I would allow time for him to talk to his Dad so his Dad wouldn't be put on the spot. By the time I got to the car, Scott, Connor's Dad, said it was ok for Joe to come over. We exchanged phone numbers and I got their address, buckled Joe in the back seat, told him to have fun, closed the door and waved goodbye.

How did this happen?

I promptly showed up at 5:58 p.m. to pick Joe up. He had a great time. They both wanted to know if they could have a sleep over, or get together Saturday, or maybe Sunday. Too cute! Let's not forget they will see each other at 9 a.m. tomorrow for soccer.

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