Monday, May 20, 2013

Joey, nitrous oxide and butter

Joey had nitrous oxide at the dentist today when they filled a small cavity and sealed 3 of his teeth. This was his first time. I was nervous. The neurologist said it would be safe.

Joey went back like a trooper and a half hour later, he was done. He looked a little "off" and the assistant said he threw up a little. As we walked outside, he said he wasn't feeling well. In the car, he asked "What do you call this sickness?" I said "A side effect from the gas." He asked, "Well how do you get rid of it?" I told him that he needed to eat soft foods, drink liquids, and maybe poop and pee it out.

When we got home, he said "Mama, I'm gonna do what you said:  pee and poop." He informed me he pooped twice and then told me he was sleepy. He cuddled up to me and slept for almost 2 hours. He told me after that he felt better after his nap. He was back to his normal crazy goofy self

He ate Lipton noodle soup and had Italian bread with butter for dinner. He ate good! I saw him playing with Cocoa while he was eating. Later on, I noticed that he had butter inside the leg of his pants. I asked, "How did you get butter in your pants?" How often do you hear yourself asking that? I guess it went flying during his bread tug of war with Cocoa.

Well now we know the effects of nitrous and that he is ok with it, for the most part.

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