Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Farewell 2nd grade

What a month May has been.

We wrapped a 2nd season of soccer. Joey had a great time this season. Not only did he ask to sign up so I know the motivation was there and last season was reinforcing to him, but he got to play with Hannah, Aydan, and Connor from his class. AND Lexie, our next door neighbor was also on the team. Also, Hannah's dad was the coach, who just happens to be an OT with tons of experience with kids with special needs. Could I have asked for any better scenario.

May was also the month that Joey started having after school hang outs with Connor. 2 Fridays at his house and then 1 Friday at ours. We have plans to see Connor this Thursday, and Joey even gave up one of his end of school gifts (3 Skylander Giants figurines) so he could give Connor "another Skylander Giant because he doesn't have a lot of giants." So sweet!

Joey also started Kumon on 5/21. This is another step towards becoming a better reader.

And then there was the farewell to 2nd grade and to Mr. Svorinic at Parkridge (he is heading to Liberty in August). I was pleasantly surprised that on the last day of school, Mrs. Stone (his reading teacher) told me he has already mastered his IEP reading goals that were written 1 month ago!

I am so proud of him and how hard he works! I wonder what 3rd grade will have in store for us?

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