Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What's in a name?

Joey told me tonight that we need a family name and that our house needs a name, like on Adventure Time. He said that "Joey Heavy House" sounds weird. I explained that our family name is Hogan and then explained why he does not share that name. He then asked, "Then why can't I be Joey Hogan Downie?" Ahhh...the innocence of children. This isn't the first time he has asked. He does refer to Bryan as his "real Daddy" because "real daddies live with their kids." this in no way negates his love for his "Ben Daddy." These are all really good questions. He wants to understand why he isn't a "Hogan" if he is the only kid in this house and the kid of two people named Hogan. Valid question. I explained that he wasnt Bryan's natural child and he said, "I know, I'm your child." I asked him if he wanted to change his name to Hogan and he said "No." He then asked if we could call it the "Downie household" and I said "No, but we could call it the Downie/Hogan household" and he said "I was going to say that next."

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