Saturday, December 29, 2012

5 years...went by in a flash

Happy 5 year "Date-iversary" Bryan F Hogan! I'm glad I decided to go on another 1st date, expecting the worst but I got the best. If it wasn't for your support when I left my job (when you and I weren't even married yet) to get Joey his services, who knows where he would be? And then your support in Seattle so I could finish my degree which enabled me to have the job I have today, helping other families. I know you're waiting to be a stay at home Dad (keep waiting;)), but I know your payback comes in the form of Joey calling you "Daddy" and having him to share your love of science and space. We love you!

5 years went by in a flash, yet we have done so much. We bought a house, got married, you moved to Seattle for a year, I finished 2 graduate degrees and started a new career....all while Joey got the help he needed, learned how to use functional communication, stopped hitting himself in frustration, learned to tolerate being around others and how to socialize with other kids, learned how to make friends, became interested in others and other things (besides Legos). He has come so far and I have such high hopes for him. I used to be afraid of what the future held for him, but he shows me everyday that he is an amazing kid and is capable of so much.

This is also a milestone for us. 5 years break ups...this is the longest I've ever been in a relationship without one. I know our goal is our 4 year wedding anniversary, which will mean we are together 5 years and 5 months, beating my relationship and marriage to Ben, so I look forward to that time as well. But there is something about this 5 year mark today; it is making me nostalgic. This month marks our 5th Christmas in this house, which means it now beats out the last house as Joey's longest residence.

So many important things have happened over the last 5 years for you, Joey, and I, it's hard to put in words how I feel. I'll just say...I love you, B, and we could not have done all that we have without you!

Love, Me
Forever and Ever Babe!

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