Thursday, July 26, 2012

1 true friend

Today is a big day. Not only do both boys have big medical appointments today, but Joey is going on his one and only play date (probably too old to call it that) this entire summer. He is very excited that his friend Joshua wanted to see him before he changes schools this year. I can tell this means a lot to him. He is so excited.

The summer time can really remind you of how isolated your child is. Although we do a lot to get him out and around other kids, it still stings when you realize how alone your kid is. Joey seems fine with it. Sometimes I think it's a gift that he doesn't get emotionally attached or feel overly hurt not having a lot of friends.

I'm still feeling the sting from last Saturday of him not being invited to the sleep over by his best friend.

Having a kid is rough. I feel like I'm reliving my social anxiety all over again through him.

I am so glad Joshua's mom reached out to me to get the boys together because Joshua has so much fun with Joey. The smile on Joey's face made my entire year.

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