Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One more time....

It will be a little hard to focus on work today while my Mom is back at the hospital for another surgery to fix the device they implanted 4 weeks ago. I'm glad they caught this, but it is troubling knowing the last time she was on the table, she flatlined. Me and Joe gave her extra squeezey hugs last night. Hope that was enough to get her through.

It was one thing to explain to Joey that Neema had to go to the hospital for her "heart test." then, we had to explain to him that she has a device implanted in her chest, or as he calls it "a machine." Now, we had to explain that the machine needs to be fixed. A leed came detached and has to be reattached, or as I explained to Joey, it needs to be plugged in again.

Way too much for a 7 year old but he is so literal and so fascinated with the human body, we figured he would understand.

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