Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Neema's heart

Things I learned today: hearing the word "Propofol" makes me unconsciously start humming "Beat It;" you should never eat food in a hospital with unidentifiable parts; and not all doctors look like Clooney and Dempsey. Needless to say, a real eye opener.

I joke but today was a hard one as I saw my Mom wheeled back for surgery. A sight I have never seen before. Aren't Moms supposed to always be healthy and perfect? Isn't there some type of law she is breaking?

My Mom's heart condition has been something very real we have had to learn to live with for a very long time. She was in congestive heart failure the month I found out I was pregnant with Joey (February 2008), leading me to believe that my missed period was due to stress and not the new fetus that 4 rounds of Clomid helped to create.

Over the last month, it has become even more "real" as we knew that some type of medical intervention was coming. She's been having a hard time breathing, which lead to going for (and failing) a stress test, which lead to today's test: attempting to get the heart to produce an arrythmia (which it did in 2 beats) and the immediate placement of a pacemaker/defibrillator.

As long as this can guarantee that Neema's heart will still keep ticking, then this was all worth it.

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