Monday, December 20, 2010

Bumpy speech

It seems that since Joey had his four bottom front teeth pulled out, he has started to stutter. I think it was always there because sometimes he would repeat a word once or twice or drag out a word. A previous SLP said that it was just a vocal stim, giving him time to find the right word to say.

I brought this to the attention of his current SLP, who told me to tell him to slow down and also to point out his "bumpy speech" so that he is aware of it. I know Joey's dad had a problem with stuttering as a child and still does it on occasion. I see him slowing himself down, as if he's trained himself to do that to prevent stuttering.

I am doing some research. Joey's aunt, who is an audiologist, has advised me that this can happen from dental trauma and it will disappear over time. I hope it does! Lord knows he doesn't need one more obstacle to overcome.

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