Thursday, December 2, 2010

Toothless my Dragon

I made an dentist appointment for Joey this morning before his 2nd bottom front tooth cut last week. The 1st bottom tooth was coming on strong and it wasn't loose. Having had both top and bottom front teeth pulled, I wanted to be proactive in getting his teeth looked at.

I brought him in today, thinking they would just look at his teeth and maybe pull his bottom two. Guess what? One look from the dental assistant and I was told the 4 bottom teeth would have to be pulled. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I started to panic. The dentist came in and agreed with the assistant. Of course, I got the "you can wait on this but I wouldn't" line.

Wanting to be proactive, I figured we should go ahead and do it. I was still freaking. I was told that he has 2 healthy adult teeth coming in and they are push in the 4 bottom ones out - eventually, even if the bottom 2 came out on their own, the ones on each side would probably still be pulled. I was told that he may face overcrowding, having to have adult teeth pulled , and he will most likely need braces in the future. These "healthy adult teeth" are fighting for room in his "petite jaw."

Talking to my Mom, she said she was told the same thing about my jaw. Guess what? No more teeth pulled after those 4 I mentioned earlier and no braces AND perfectly straight teeth. Speaking to Joey's paternal grandma, she said that since Joey has the same chin as his Dad, he probably has the same jaw and his Dad had similar problems (and braces).

Well, Joey was a trooper. He came out with bloody gauze in his mouth and when he saw me, he started to cry. It's probably because I started hyperventilating and had a panicked look on my face. I have to admit, it was traumatizing to look at, but as the day progressed, I swear the adult teeth look like they have already come in more. The dental office staff assured me that he will be fine and that kid's mouths heal very fast.

Funny thing about this day: I texted the ex's girlfriend to text him in Venezuela so he would call me and he did. While talking to him, he asked if Joey was excited about putting his teeth under his pillow. Holy shit!! I almost forgot about his teeth! I got off the phone and ran to the front counter. My wonderful dentist had already put his 4 teeth in a treasure chest in a bag that I had already put in my bag. My hysteria was making me more absent-minded than normal.

A little fever and a little grogginess; a whole lotta soup and ice pops, and Joey's feeling better. He told me he was a "teeny tiny bit" embarrassed and I'm sure it feels weird for my child with sensory issues, but I know he will be ok. Every hurdle this child has to overcome, he leaps over with flying colors. I am so proud of my little man!

P.S. Toothless the Dragon was the name of the dragon in How to Train Your Dragon. Joey loved that movie:)

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