Friday, July 31, 2009

Stabbed in the heart

I got a call back from my behavioral pediatrician who just happens to be the wife of Joey's neurologist (she referred me to him). She said that I need to get in to see her husband; that the EEG is showing that Joey is having complex partial seizures and will need an MRI and possibly meds. She said that children that have these also have a high chance of having attention problems in school. When I asked her about the issue with an EKG, she said that while monitoring his heart during the EEG, they showed an arythmia. She said it is common and could be nothing or could be the sign of something serious. He will definitely need another EKG (one with 12 leads) and possibly an Echocardiogram.

Holy Crap!!!

I have a lot of health issues and can deal with anything thrown at me. I just can't deal with anything happening to my son. I'm sure a lot of moms feel that way. I can't live in a bubble but I just feel like he has been through enough. My poor Joey. I just love him so much.


Shauna said...

I totally understand! My three year old has Epilepsy, Arnold Chiari, SPD and now PDD-NOS and they're concerned about a possible kidney problem. What else can the poor kid have? It's really good to read your blog & know there are others out there.
Btw, did you end up getting the medic alert tag? I've been thinking about it for awhile.

Michelle Downie Hogan said...

Thanks for your comment! I haven't gotten it yet but I definitely need to. I work with kids that have them and you can list multiple conditions on there. Definitely good to have once they are older and away from us longer:(