Thursday, July 30, 2009

EEG results

I should have posted the day of Joey's EEG but I was just so exhaused to do so.

I was supposed to sleep deprive him for 2 nights before the EEG. The first night, Sunday, he fell asleep early. Of course he did! He also had diarrhea in his sleep so I figured that he was not feeling good. The next day, he fell asleep early around 7pm. I figured I would let him sleep for a while and that he would probably get up in the middle of the night and I would just keep him up from then. He woke up at 10pm! By 2am, when he started rubbing his eyes, I figured it was too late to let him sleep so I kept him up. Guess what...I never slept.

We got to the hospital and did not have to wait long to be seen. Joey had just fallen asleep in the car but was up once we entered the building. I was impressed by Phoenix Children's Hospital's neurology department. The people were so kind to Joey. They realized that he wouldn't lay down so they had my husband lay down next to him and restrain his arms and legs. I ended up
leaving the room because Joey got upset every time he saw me. I went out to answer some medical history questions and then waited in the private waiting room. When it was over, Joey got to pick a stuffed animal after they were done washing his hair. He wanted to keep the sticky tape on his chest. As a matter of fact, he wanted to leave his head wrapped with all the electrodes hanging off. Yet another example of him not doing well with transitions.

I spoke to the medical assistant at Joey's primary pediatrician and was told this: the EEG was abnormal and the EKG, that was only done with 2 leads, needs to be redone with 12 leads.

After hours of crying, all I can do now is wait to see the neurologist. I know that an abnormal EEG can mean many things and that I shouldn't get ahead of myself but it's hard not to overreact. I can't even think straight right now.

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