Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Support for Grandparents

SARRC offers a support group for Grandparents in AZ.

Here's the info:
Support for Grandparents of Children with Autism:

When a grandchild is diagnosed with autism, a grandparent mourns twice—once for their grandchild and again for their child. Having a son or daughter faced with the challenge of raising a child with autism, grandparents want to do all they can to support their children and their grandchildren. SARRC’s Grandparents Support Group is the vision of Kathy Bosco, a grandparent of a child with autism. Kathy recognized the growing need to include grandparents in the circle of help and hope through providinga real understanding of autism. Most importantly, the group focuses on providing grandparents with the tools and knowledge that will empower their entire family as they navigate the world of autism. Since its beginning, Grandparents Group has grown to include more than 300 grandparents throughout Arizona, many of whom have children living across the country. The invaluable blend of hope, research and education gained through presentations at the monthly group meetings help grandparents support their families wherever their location.

The goal of the Grandparent Support Group is to -
EMPOWER...the Grandparents Group meets monthlyfrom October through May at SARRC's Campus forExceptional Children. Through facilitated discussions,individuals gain insight, develop strength and find hopethrough shared experiences.
ENRICH...Guest speakers and professionalpresentations provide key information on the latestresearch, therapeutic programs and resources available inthe field of autism.
SUPPORT...The Grandparents Group is here for you! Byattending the meetings, you will collect vital information,tips and strategies that will help your entire family whereveryou may be on the lifelong journey of autism.
GET INVOLVED...Be a member of our dynamicGrandparent Volunteer Team! There are many greatopportunities for grandparents to give back to familiesaffected by autism through volunteerism.

For more information, please contact Addie Mocca, volunteer coordinator, at(602) 218-8203 or Kathy Bosco, Grandparents Group chair, at (602) 956-4322.

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