Friday, April 10, 2009

6 Month Follow-up at Melmed

We had our 6 month follow up on April 8th. It went well and overall, his developmental pediatrician said he was improving. The psychiatrist ran some tests earlier that day and even though I thought they asked him some questions that a typical 4 year old would not know the answers to, they said that they were just trying to get a range and that he was performing well.

The one thing I left with that is worrisome is that the pediatrician said that he "may just grow into an Asperger's diagnosis." Huh? Clinicians at SARRC have told me that I shouldn't worry about the diagnosis and just "treat the symptoms," but I can't help but worry. Here I was thinking he may lose his diagnosis eventually, but instead it may just change. I've heard it's common to change a diagnosis but it just seems like a dead end road by saying that he'll grow into another one.

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