Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Phoenix Film Festival This Weekend

There are so many events around town this weekend. Here is one of them!

The Phoenix Film Festival:

The Family Film Event is presented by Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) and features short films especially for families to enjoy together. We will be presenting three short films which will be followed by a talk from Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissman Klein, whose story was made into the Oscar- and Emmy-winning film, One Survivor Remembers. The following films will be presented as part of this program: The Velveteen Rabbit directed by Denise Quesnel A toy rabbit yearns to become 'Real' through a child's love. Through his journey, the Velveteen Rabbit learns the mystery of Nursery Magic and becomes Real in more than one way. Presented by Kids First! I’m Here and Wings of EPOH based on the story by Gerda Weissmann Klein Creatively interpreted by Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator) and Paul A. Reynolds The films Wings of EPOH and I'm Here have been developed to promote increased awareness, tolerance and support for students with social differences. The films can be presented either at a school-wide assembly, in the classroom or in a small group setting. Also included are tips for peers, teachers and parents about how to help children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) or other social differences learn strategies for social communication in the home, school and community. Saturday April 4th from 12 - 1pm.

This is a personal one because the Director is my brother!
Cowboy Dreams
Wild Bill Crum (Bill Engvall) is a cowboy with a past. He's good with a gun - maybe too good. That skill has made him a target for every wannabe tough guy and aspiring gunslick in the West. While Bill has survived physically, he is haunted by the echoes of his bloody past.This angst manifests itself in nightly dreams in which he faces - again and again - the soulless menace that represents his former, more violent self, or perhaps the spirits of those who have faced his guns and lost. In restless slumber each night Bill makes the terrible ride away from all that he knows is good and beautiful - pulled inexorably towards an inevitable showdown. He is drawn to a fate he fears as he is stripped of his natural confidence and self-assurance.At last Bill is driven to share this personal torment with the men in whose hands he puts his life every day in the brutal existence of the trail-riding cowboy. At his saddle partner's insistence, Bill tells the men of his nightly terrors. In the flickering firelight the cowboys cannot hide their surprise and confusion at his tale. These are men accustomed to hard work and simple pleasures. They can't possibly be expected to comprehend the depths and complexity of the human psyche. Or can they?As Bill bares his soul to the other cowboys, their reactions - and subsequent analysis - prove to be enlightening and more than a little humorous. Saturday April 4th at 2:15 and Sunday April 5th at 4:30.

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