Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Redirecting goodbyes

Written 4/2/2013:

Goodbyes are said, all of Joey's things are back at the "heavy house" and his Dad is on his way. I was afraid there would be tears from Joey, but in typical Joe fashion, when Daddy said, "I'll see you in September," Joey said, "I can see my face in the doorbell."

It's sad and cute at the same time. I am glad that he is not upset and in tears; however, it shows how detached he can be. Maybe it's his coping mechanism. Only time will tell how well he does with his Dad leaving again.

Update 4/16/2013:

It's been exactly 2 weeks, and Joey has only mentioned his Dad a few times. His Dad, who is also very detached, went 12 days without so much as a text to see how Joey was doing? He texted me Sunday and then called a few times. Is it wrong that I want to put Daddy on extinction and ignore his attempts at contact for 12 days? Ben had a whole week before his fiance arrived, and still he couldn't find time to reach out to his son. Seriously, how long could a call take? Joey only ever talks for a few minutes. And how long does it take to text? Even the slowest texter can get it done pretty quick.

I wonder if and when my heart will stop breaking for my son.

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