Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Autism Awareness Day

Today, I don't celebrate Autism; I celebrate my son, his accomplishments, and my belief that we can improve the lives of kids with Autism. We will celebrate all the children affected by Autism today in the way we always celebrate: doing the robot dance.

Autism has led me down a path and on a journey that I never could have imagined. It has shown me great sorrow and great joy, and strengthened my faith in love, determination, and honestly, science. I feel like I was able to pull my son back through to me somehow before I completely lost him. I never thought that I would ever hear the words "I love you, Mama" from him but now I do everyday. We stil...l have challenges ahead, but I wouldn't change one step of this journey because it led me to where we are today. Joey made me a Mom the day he was born and challenged me to be the best parent that I can be over the last 8 years. Everything he does amazes me because I never thought that he would have friends and play dates, be a part of a sports team, be mainstreamed with typical kids in school, laugh at my jokes and imitate my sarcasm, show concern for others, and even have a conversation with me. Some parents take those things for granted, and even think I'm weird because I marvel at everything he does. But if they could only understand that just a few years ago, I never thought any of these things were possible. And then I found an amazing place called SARRC and our journey began...

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