Friday, February 15, 2013

Bernesto and Chase

"Bernesto" and Chase were the first kids Joey considered his friends (even before Karsen joined the crew mid-year in Kindergarten). Bernesto was even in Joey's special ed preschool class, but we didnt realize it until almost the end of Kindergarten. Both boys were in Kindergarten with Joey and then neither were in his 1st grade class. Bernesto is in 2nd grade class and even sits at Joey's table. Chase, Karsen, and Bernesto all came to Joey's birthday party this past October. Now to my point... This morning, as we walked into school, Bernesto was in front of us. He turned around, gave Joey a hug and said "Hey Joey." Then, when I walked up to get Joey from school (short 2 hour day today), I saw Chase and Joey having a conversation. Joey kept up! When other kids walked up, Chase and Joey naturally blended in. So proud of him!

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