Monday, February 11, 2013

Being literal with God

Last year, it was all about the zombie Jesus. To Joey, if Jesus is not dead and he comes back to life, then he must be a zombie.?

Then he wanted to know why, if God sees everything, why he doesn't shoot the criminals with his lasers?

Let's not forget Joey saying that God is not on the playground because he can't be more than one place at a time (like Church or watching over our house)

Last week, Joey got a question wrong on his quiz. It was "God provides you with everything you have, True or False? Joey said "False" and got it wrong. His logic? "God doesn't give me everything; Mama does."

Today, he was asked what he was giving up for Lent and without flinching, he said, "Smoking." He must hear me joking around about giving up something that I really don't do. When I told him he had to be serious, he gave me another serious answer:  Broccoli.

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