Sunday, November 6, 2011

A month of Thanks

I am copying other people on Facebook and everyday for the month of November, I am posting what I'm thankful for. I will add them here to keep:)

11/1 ~ I missed the first one so I will add it here. I am thankful for the madness of October to be over and that the holidays are upon us!

11/2 ~ Inspired by Mike Scavulli, I am going to say what I'm thankful for everyday this month. Like him, I am also thankful for hot sauce. And I am thankful for the gift of sight so I can enjoy reading friends' posts and see smiles on the faces of my loved ones everyday.

11/3 ~ I am thankful for early morning snuggles, especially since I may not get them the next 2 mornings.

11/4 ~ I almost forgot...Today, I am thankful for my job, that allows me flexibility to be there for my son and has brought many positive role models into my life.

11/5 ~ I am thankful for never being violated by a dolphin.

11/6 ~ I am thankful for finally being able to turn the a/c off! Doors and windows are open!

11/7 ~ I am thankful for sleep when I'm fortunate enough to get it.

‎11/8 ~ I am thankful for IV caffeine drips. Not real, you say? That's why I'm making one for my car as I write this. No other way to get through the next 12 hours, baby!!

‎11/9 ~ I am thankful for my family helping me out. Grandpa's getting Joe from school and taking him to speech today. Can't wait to see my little guy if he's still up when I get home tonight.

‎11/10 ~ I am thankful for Thursday morning volunteering at school. It gives me more time with The Joe, time with his teacher, and a weekly opportunity to see how he is doing in class. It also allows me time to teach these kids some manners. None of them say thank you! I make them look at the librarian and say thank you. I'm so mean:)

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