Monday, May 3, 2010

Swimming lessons

Today was Joey's first swim lesson. I planned it so well because even though he wasn't in his friend Natalie's swim group, I knew she would be there and it would help him feel more comfortable (and increase the probability that he would actually go into the water).

Natalie is Joey's friend from school and they are inseparable!

When we were leaving school, Joey ran after Natalie, like he always does, but I told him that she wasn't staying to play; she needed to go to swim class. He said ok and then played with his other friends for a bit. Then, when we got to the pool, there was no anxiousness and I think it's because he knew Natalie would be there. As soon as I got his swim trunks on, Natalie pulled in and Joey was jumping for joy.

They ran in together and ran around until class started. When Natalie went off to her group, Joey wanted to follow and was a little bummed, but then he went willingly to his group. 4 boys (including him), 1 girl, and a tatted up swim instructor.

They went into the big pool with two other classes.

To be continued...

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