Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The new show Parenthood

I turned on Parenthood while I was working on taxes with my hubby. I was half listening to the show because it was kind of boring until the scene in the classroom, when the little boy, Max, was having a hard time cutting a paper heart. He kept getting more and more frustrated each time he tried and then he finally lunged at a child who was taunting him. I thought to myself, "does this child have Autism?"

As the show progressed, I realized that was the direction they were going in. I wondered why they didn't advertise that they were going to address this topic but then realized they probably didn't want to be known as "that show about Autism."

I am so glad that a prime time show will be discussing this topic. I remember when I was preparing for my segment on Sonoran Living Live and the PR person told me not to talk about Autism or developmental delays as part of my school topic because it wasn't "that universal of a topic." Seriously?

I will post a clip for Parenthood as soon as there is one on YouTube!

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